Seeds4Needs is the non-profit arm of MIgardener. Our aim is to provide seeds for anyone in need to benefit through lowering food costs, increasing health and wellness, supporting community efforts, and increasing the standard of living. We take pride in what we do and know the impact gardening can have on lives. Using donated seed and funds, we aim to satisfy the seed needs for anyone who comes to us

Why did we start Seeds4Needs?

We started seeds4needs because every week we would receive dozens of emails requesting seeds based on a variety of needs from medical bills, to loss of work, to budget constraints, and we want to help everyone but were unable to help everyone on our own. We posted asking for the community to help and the outpouring was incredible. So we decided to start a non-profit arm of MIgardener to allow the community as well as our business to support the needs of these people, and establish a place to field the requests into 1 location so we could monitor requests and quantify our impact as a community coming together on the world. 


If you have any used or new seed that you would like to donate please send it to the address provided. Please make sure they are properly marked, and no older than 2 years old as we want to ensure the seed we are sending to people will germinate and produce well for them. 




Marysville MI 48040